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What Makes a Family? Who’s Your Family?

Expansion to What Does it Take to Hold Up a Stool? One of the legs to a stool to create a strong foundation is family. The word family in today’s society goes beyond the literal book definition of a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. The word, family is not just a […]

Why You Will NOT Be Remembered?

Home Page – Core of this Blog Before you consider improving yourself and putting countless hours into different banks we must first build the table on which these piggy banks will be placed. No matter how many banks you invest into and how many hours you put into each. If you do not have a […]

3 Questions to Help You Find Your Meaning in Life (Part 2)

Have you done PART 1 yet? Well do it before you scroll down or else it won’t be very beneficial to you. | | | | | | | | | | Now use your top 3 most important things you circled in each list to each question. If I had all the time and money in the world without fear of […]

3 Questions to Help You Find Your Meaning in Life (Part 1)

In order to achieve your end goal you must have an end goal in mind so think big. I have three questions I would like to ask you and in order for this to be beneficial take out a piece of paper NOW and write the first question on top. The first question to ask yourself is, “If I had […]

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Any Forrest Gump Lovers out here? Well life is really like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get. The moment you grab a chocolate and take a bite, it could end up being cream filled or it could have nuts and have a crunch to it or it could be just the right level of sweet. Have […]

The Start of Something New

“Pennies in the Bank,” now that is a phrase you probably haven’t heard since you were a kid. It’s a saying that can be interpreted literally which means to put your hard earned money in the bank (piggy bank) or it can have a deeper meaning. When I think about the saying “Pennies in the Bank,” I imagine myself as […]

Daily Quote: Before You Play

“If you must play, decide on three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time.” -Chinese Proverb My Words: Nothing lasts forever. Know when to start and finish or else you may get stuck in an everlasting cycle of a repetitive nature.

Daily Quote: Prepare to Sharpen

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” -Abraham Lincoln My Words: Do not engulf yourself into a task without first preparing. Think of all the possible solutions then act accordingly to the most efficient plan thought out.

Daily Prompt: From the Collection of the Artist

From the Collection of the Artist  It’s the year 2113. A major museum is running an exhibition on life and culture as it was in 2013. You’re asked to write an introduction for the show’s brochure. What will it say?  The year 2013 was a year of change and growth. Individual countries became more economically […]

Daily Quote: Live Life Your Way

“Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.” -Ernest Hemingway My Words: Each man is but a product of his time. The choices he makes and the actions he takes during his time cause him to be […]