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How Can You Claim Your Personal Freedom?

How to declare our personal power? Personal Freedom? After reading “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard. I learned a few things on claiming my own personal freedom and live life in the NOW. First we must understand human nature on freedom, fear, and motivation. Then we can make a personal declarations to claim our personal power. ON FREEDOM: “I […]

What’s the Most Logical Emotional Language?

Lojban is a logical language constructed from predicate logic and has no syntactic ambiguity. Since it is considered a “logical language,” the language tries to explain emotions which is very subjective to a more linear form of construction. The language groups emotion into three categories. The categories are simple emotions, complex emotions, and pure emotions. To […]

Can Emotion be Translated Into a Language?

HUMAINE’s proposal for EARL. Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion proposed the emotional annotation and representation language to classify 48 emotions. Lets start with the negatives then we will proceed with the positives. Negative and forceful emotions are… anger, annoyance, contempt, disgust and irritation. Negative and not in control emotions are… anxiety, embarrassment, fear, helplessness, powerlessness, and worry. Negative emotional thoughts are… […]

What is Your Favorite Emotion?

The feels. How are you feeling today? A little sad, a little happy, maybe hurt, need to be helped? Words alone cannot express a person’s feelings but maybe this chart will help. Everyday, life has given us the gift of emotion. It can be an admirable strength or our strongest weakness. Emotions are what humanize […]

What Kind of Decisions Do You Make?

To Continue CLICK a decision process. There are three primary decisions making processes: Cognitive, habitual, and emotional. Cognitive: Think Habitual: Routine Emotional: Drive The three decision making processes can be broken down to two primary systems: Fast and slow. Fast: Habitual, Emotional Slow: Cognitive Consumer Triggers

What Motivates You? (Part 3)

To Start at What Motivates You? Part 1. Back to Part 2. Now we get into the interesting motivation theories. Content Theories: Needs theories, because the theory focuses on the importance of what motivates us (needs) or the process used to allocate energy to maximize the satisfaction of needs. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: The needs, listed […]

What Motivates You? (Part 2)

Start at What Motivates You? Part 1. There are a number of reasons people do what they do. I ask you to answer your why when you make these decisions and in return I will help you better understand the motives you have. To expand we have 5 more theories on motivation. Incentive Theory: Stimuli “attract”, a […]

What Motivates You? (Part 1)

Why do you do anything? What makes you get out of bed in the morning? What motivates you? What is motivation? Motivation is a theoretical construct, used to explain behavior. It is the scientific word used to represent the reason for our actions, our desires, our needs, etc. There are a number of reasons why people […]

What Community Do You Belong To?

Expansion to What Does it Take to Hold Up a Stool? Community is an important part for the human race to progress. What community are you part of? Which communities do you identify yourself with? Have you thought of them all? I bet there are some more. What is a community? Good question. The book […]