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Minimalist Me: 200 Items or Less

In order to reduce my carbon footprint, I made the personal decision to only own and use the things I need and veer away from the consumption of things I want. For needs, it can be at its basic core of food and shelter and then be expanded to items that are important to any of the 7 Aspects of Life, like a computer for work. The […]

I Want Everything but Need Nothing

In today’s society not many people are content with the things they have. They always aspire for more because they compare themselves to those around them which can lead to dissatisfaction. However I want to differentiate the two words: need and want. The book definition of a need (v) is “to require (something) because it is essential or very […]

More is More or is it Less is More?

When I say less is more some people would instantly disagree. They would ask me how could less possibly be more? Shouldn’t more just be more? To explain myself you must first understand my viewpoint of how less can actually be more in the overall scheme of things. I am a person who believes quality over quantity. And most can agree that cheap things […]