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The Hackers Guide to Google Analytics

To end the blog series on Digital Marketing, I will discuss the hackers guide to Google Analytics. But before we dive in lets briefly go over the past few months and what we have learned and how they all interconnect. To begin we learned about Web Analytics in which there are a variety of sources […]

From Their Pockets To Yours: Inbound Sales

The traditional routes for sales and marketing systems (known primarily as outbound), tend to be expensive, interruptive, and not targeted. Some of these techniques include cold-calling, print advertising, T.V. advertising, junk mail, spam, and trade shows. In today’s age of technology putting too many eggs into outbound can be a poor decision in diversifying marketing […]

Cheaters Guide to an Effective Landing Page

Mashable: How to Drive Successful Customer Acquisition Initial point of contact from Alexis Anderson make it clean and simple-to-use offer a clear call to action and robust incentives design attractive, click-ready incentives When it comes to creating an effective landing page you need to have an attractive headline. That is the first thing traffic sees. […]

Why using Google Analytic can Increase your Rate of Success?

In this post we will go over the Importance of using Google Analytics, How Google Analytics works, The Reports they Offer, and How this Information can Increase your Rate of Success. From last night’s reading, “The Forrester Wave: Web Analytics,” author James McCormick highlights why using analytics has become an industry standard for a functional digital […]