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What Motivates You? (Part 2)

Start at What Motivates You? Part 1. There are a number of reasons people do what they do. I ask you to answer your why when you make these decisions and in return I will help you better understand the motives you have. To expand we have 5 more theories on motivation. Incentive Theory: Stimuli “attract”, a […]

Have the End Goal in Mind: Reverse Goal Process

Have you done the 3 Questions to Help You Find Your Meaning in Life (Part 1)? And the 3 Questions to Help You Find Your Meaning in Life (Part 2)? Well there is a concept called the reverse goal process. This is where you have the end goal in mind. To learn more about my […]

Goals Worth Making

What’s the difference between a regular goal and a SMART goal? How do you know if it’s achievable or even realistic? Shoot for the stars because if you miss the gravitational pull will bring you back and land you on the moon. In other words aim high because only you can define your limit. SMART Goals and […]

The Start of Something New

“Pennies in the Bank,” now that is a phrase you probably haven’t heard since you were a kid. It’s a saying that can be interpreted literally which means to put your hard earned money in the bank (piggy bank) or it can have a deeper meaning. When I think about the saying “Pennies in the Bank,” I imagine myself as […]

Daily Prompt: Life Line

Life Line You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you? The palm reader says, “I see a promising future ahead of you. You are destined for great things. Fame and fortune are within your reach. By […]