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Can Emotion be Translated Into a Language?

HUMAINE’s proposal for EARL. Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion proposed the emotional annotation and representation language to classify 48 emotions. Lets start with the negatives then we will proceed with the positives. Negative and forceful emotions are… anger, annoyance, contempt, disgust and irritation. Negative and not in control emotions are… anxiety, embarrassment, fear, helplessness, powerlessness, and worry. Negative emotional thoughts are… […]

Daily Prompt: Too Soon?

Too Soon? Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?  I believe anything can be funny. Nothing is off limits. However some things may be inappropriate at the time. A lot of funny things are said out of context. I believe the content used is important in order to make something funny. Even […]

Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need

A Friend in Need Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”  It would be difficult for me to name a single friend as my closest friend. I hangout with several groups, each with their own views on life and values. My dad once told me that I am the average of the top 5 people […]