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How Life is a Long Lived Learning Experience?

Expansion to What Does it Take to Hold Up a Stool? From the day you were born, you as a baby had to learn quickly and adapt to your natural environment. Once entered into this beautiful world, you had to learn how to take your first breath to learning how to eat and sleep. As we progress through our early childhood years, […]

How to Create a Professional Resume?

We will begin working on the content of the resume then we can decide how to format it. I have my resume at the bottom to refer to as well. First start with your name and contact information. Put this on the header. First and Last Name Home Address Phone Number Email Adress Additional contact information […]

7 Aspects of Life to Focus On

Want to be a well rounded person? Well focus on these categories everyday and everything else will come easy. The 7 Aspects are… and ask yourself the following questions. 1. Spiritual Life What’s the One Thing I can do to help others… What’s the One Thing I can do to improve my relationship with God… […]

What Does It Take To Hold Up a Stool? At Least 3 Legs…

Why You Will NOT Be Remembered? When I was young my father believed that a stool can only stand up if all three legs were there to hold it. Without a single leg the stool would not have the foundation to hold itself up. At a young age I did not quite understand what he meant. My father […]