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What is Your Favorite Emotion?

The feels. How are you feeling today? A little sad, a little happy, maybe hurt, need to be helped? Words alone cannot express a person’s feelings but maybe this chart will help. Everyday, life has given us the gift of emotion. It can be an admirable strength or our strongest weakness. Emotions are what humanize […]

What Kind of Decisions Do You Make?

To Continue CLICK a decision process. There are three primary decisions making processes: Cognitive, habitual, and emotional. Cognitive: Think Habitual: Routine Emotional: Drive The three decision making processes can be broken down to two primary systems: Fast and slow. Fast: Habitual, Emotional Slow: Cognitive Consumer Triggers

What is the Triple Bottom Line in Business?

The triple bottom line is an evolved concept of how executive company officials make decisions. The old bottom line use to be profits. It worked in the benefit of one primary stakeholder, the shareholders who invested monetarily into the company. As society evolves and new social norms emerge, businesses now have a new bottom line also known as the triple […]

Do You Have Strong Business Morals?

What are your morals? How will your business treat its stakeholders? Do the ends ever justify the means? Or should ethic decision making be taken throughout the process? To ensure ethical behavior within your business please consider these 7 principles of ethical decision making. Principle of Government Requirements – never take any action that violates the […]