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What is Your Favorite Emotion?

The feels. How are you feeling today? A little sad, a little happy, maybe hurt, need to be helped? Words alone cannot express a person’s feelings but maybe this chart will help. Everyday, life has given us the gift of emotion. It can be an admirable strength or our strongest weakness. Emotions are what humanize […]

Why You Will NOT Be Remembered?

Home Page – Core of this Blog Before you consider improving yourself and putting countless hours into different banks we must first build the table on which these piggy banks will be placed. No matter how many banks you invest into and how many hours you put into each. If you do not have a […]

More is More or is it Less is More?

When I say less is more some people would instantly disagree. They would ask me how could less possibly be more? Shouldn’t more just be more? To explain myself you must first understand my viewpoint of how less can actually be more in the overall scheme of things. I am a person who believes quality over quantity. And most can agree that cheap things […]

The Start of Something New

“Pennies in the Bank,” now that is a phrase you probably haven’t heard since you were a kid. It’s a saying that can be interpreted literally which means to put your hard earned money in the bank (piggy bank) or it can have a deeper meaning. When I think about the saying “Pennies in the Bank,” I imagine myself as […]