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What’s the Most Logical Emotional Language?

Lojban is a logical language constructed from predicate logic and has no syntactic ambiguity. Since it is considered a “logical language,” the language tries to explain emotions which is very subjective to a more linear form of construction. The language groups emotion into three categories. The categories are simple emotions, complex emotions, and pure emotions. To […]

Can Emotion be Translated Into a Language?

HUMAINE’s proposal for EARL. Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion proposed the emotional annotation and representation language to classify 48 emotions. Lets start with the negatives then we will proceed with the positives. Negative and forceful emotions are… anger, annoyance, contempt, disgust and irritation. Negative and not in control emotions are… anxiety, embarrassment, fear, helplessness, powerlessness, and worry. Negative emotional thoughts are… […]

What is Your Favorite Emotion?

The feels. How are you feeling today? A little sad, a little happy, maybe hurt, need to be helped? Words alone cannot express a person’s feelings but maybe this chart will help. Everyday, life has given us the gift of emotion. It can be an admirable strength or our strongest weakness. Emotions are what humanize […]

What Motivates You? (Part 3)

To Start at What Motivates You? Part 1. Back to Part 2. Now we get into the interesting motivation theories. Content Theories: Needs theories, because the theory focuses on the importance of what motivates us (needs) or the process used to allocate energy to maximize the satisfaction of needs. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: The needs, listed […]

What Makes You Want Something? 16 Basic Desire Theories

After explaining the difference between a want and need on a previous article. I have decided to explain some basic theories to why a person wants something that they may not necessarily need. There are 16 basic desire theories. I will go over them briefly. Acceptance – the need to be appreciated Curiosity – the […]

What Are Your Emotional Buttons?

Lets build on the concept of 8 Basic Emotions. Of course there are more than just 8 emotions but words alone cannot always express a person’s feeling. So I will try my best to make it clear to you. Robert Plutchik’s theory on emotion describes at its core to have 8 basic emotions. There are […]

Are You Left or Right Brain Dominant? Find Your Strengths.

To understand yourself. It will help you find out what you are good at and bad at. Things you need to work on and things that come naturally. Lets see if we can figure out which side of your brain is more dominant. The left or the right? (experiment with a series of questions) The […]

I Want Everything but Need Nothing

In today’s society not many people are content with the things they have. They always aspire for more because they compare themselves to those around them which can lead to dissatisfaction. However I want to differentiate the two words: need and want. The book definition of a need (v) is “to require (something) because it is essential or very […]

3 Questions to Help You Find Your Meaning in Life (Part 2)

Have you done PART 1 yet? Well do it before you scroll down or else it won’t be very beneficial to you. | | | | | | | | | | Now use your top 3 most important things you circled in each list to each question. If I had all the time and money in the world without fear of […]

3 Questions to Help You Find Your Meaning in Life (Part 1)

In order to achieve your end goal you must have an end goal in mind so think big. I have three questions I would like to ask you and in order for this to be beneficial take out a piece of paper NOW and write the first question on top. The first question to ask yourself is, “If I had […]