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Community is an important part for the human race to progress.

What community are you part of? Which communities do you identify yourself with? Have you thought of them all? I bet there are some more.

What is a community?

Good question. The book definition of a community is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. Now I will expand it to a broader definition due to constant changes in society via technology.

A community goes beyond being who you live with and the things you have in common with one another. People can identify themselves with a number of communities based on their demographics, age, geographic location, culture, etc. But those are just some of the simpler ways of identifying yourself with a community.

To expand due to the evolution of the internet, people are able to interact with one another at real time on a much bigger scale. The word community needs to be updated. For people can join online forums, online community groups, follow trends on twitter, share articles on facebook, stumble through interests on stumbleupon, and more. They can identify themselves with bloggers, youtube stars, video game clans, and much much more. The list goes on…

I would like to ask you. What communities do you belong to? Create a list of them and write them all down and dig deeper by asking yourself how you contribute to these communities. How do you give as well as take. What do you do to help them? How can you ask for help?

For we are only as strong as our weakest link. So team with those around you. Find a way to strengthen one another. Because there is truth to the saying, “strength in numbers.”

A single chain with knowledge, skills, and talent can be a strong foundation to help others but can not get very far alone. So work together because it will only make life easier. Build your foundation today, don’t think to hard. Just do!

(more on the communities I identify myself with)

4 thoughts on “What Community Do You Belong To?

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  2. thefancyroman says:

    The community I belong to is Finland. Remember, you dont need to fight a war to defend your country, you need to defend your country to fight a war. A little out of context, but you get what Im saying…

    • Edward Cuevas says:

      Interesting arrangement of words.

      Since it was out of context I may have misinterpreted it but from what I understood is that life is a constant battle and if you focus too much on the things you cannot control you lose sight of the battle you are fighting within, the internal battle (figuring out oneself).

      Let me know if there is more to it.

      Best Regards,

      • thefancyroman says:

        The “context” is that Finnish army is designed to defend, not attack.
        And what I meant was, that you dont need to attack, defending is just fine, and you dont need to move if you defend. 🙂

        Yeah, but attack,of defend, we finns will win… propably. :3

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